Depiction of Hong Kong:

In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hong Kong stands in the last act of the movie. But it is a mixed shot between Hong Kong, Chongqing, Tianjin and Detroit. Hong Kong is depicted as a metropolitan, by setting major fighting scenes in Central and Admiralty, around Bank of China tower and Headquarter of Government Office, central business district that Hong Kong well-known of. But at the same time, the side of Hong Kong as the busiest and crowded city is also illustrated. In a hideout which Joshua and Su met Cade when they are hiding from the villains, scenes were shot in Quarry Bay and Shum Shui Po.

Be that as it may, the depiction of Hong Kong in the movie is not authentic since 1/3 of the scenes were shot in Detroit and Tianjin, as a stand-in of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also terraformed in order to fit with the plot, as a large piece of woodland in Chongqing is generated behind Mount Parker in Quarry Bay, where Optimus Prime called the help of ancient transformer dragon. A scene of the movie especially mentions the political dynamics between Hong Kong and China. When Hong Kong is turned into chaos by alien robots fighting, Hong Kong Police panicked and said “We’ve got to call the central government for help!” Chinese military vehicles then drive in to the city, displacing the soft military power and the sovereignty of Chinese government.


In the forth instalment of Transformer franchise, Director Michael Bay extends his robotic alien fantasy to Chinese myths and set part of the movie in China and Hong Kong. Serving as a soft reboot of the franchise introducing new main casts and set-up, the movie sets in Texas, where Mark Wahlberg stars as a poor inventor named Cade. He accidentally discovers Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots who has been hunted by U.S. authority. He, his daughter and her boyfriend, set off to help Optimus Prime preventing the extinction of human race, by pursuing “The Seed”, an alien artifact that triggered the extinction of dinosaurs million years ago. On the other hand, corporate head Joshua and his assistant Su Yeming also attempt to gain the control of The Seed to recreate human-controlled Transformer. But as they were hunted by Decepticon and CIA, they left to Hong Kong for extraction.

Director: Michael Bay