The Dark Knight (2008)

Depiction of Hong Kong:

Scenes shot in Hong Kong in The Dark Knight were merely touristic, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) talks to Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) on the bridge of Central to Mid-Level escalators, then Batman jumped off from International Financial Centre in Central to a office building in the search of Chinese accountant. Though Chinese accountant paid off the local cops to secure the building, yet they failed to save him from Batman’s capture, as they are hooked to a plane flying across the Victoria harbour, then they have travelled back to Gotham. Hong Kong is site for escape, somewhere to hide, and even local cops are corrupted in aiding mob’s accountant, yet they are useless comparing to one-man masked hero. The authority in the movie is destined to be defeated by Batman.


Batman continues safeguarding Gotham City, only in Christopher Nolan’s depiction, the line between justice and villains has blurred. Bruce Wayne, billionaire of the city who happens to be masked hero at night, tracks down the mob’s Chinese accountant in Hong Kong and brought him back to Gotham. Mob leaders see Batman a great threat and hired Joker to take his life. The film then turned to be the rival between the two infamous characters in the city.

Director: Christopher Nolan