Push (2009)

Depiction of Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is adequately portrayed in the movie, both as a highly populated city and business centre. In spite of destroying major landmarks like other movies do, the cinematography of the movie digs deep to the heart of the city.

The vibrant pulse of the city is captured in the movie, Nick stays hiding from the Division by living in a small apartment in Hong Kong, make a living by controlling dices in gambling with middle-aged men in the park. Streets that he ran and walks across are in Mong Kok and Shum Shui Po, one of the most populated area in the world. There is a fight between Nick and the Division in a local seafood restaurant (酒樓), then they pursuit on Goldfish Street (金魚街). Picking places for a story about hidden superpower people in one of the dense city in the world, is truly suitable.


Entirely shot in Hong Kong, Push is a fantasy adventure film featuring people with super power. They are hunted by an authority named “Division”, which track and experiment people with psychic abilities. There are “Mover” who can move objects on one’s will, “Pusher” who can insert thoughts on human’s mind and “Watcher” who can see the future. Nick Gant (Chris Evans) whose dad got killed by Division, have told him to assist a girl named Cassie (Dakota Fanning) in the future. He meets her in Hong Kong and agrees to help finding a case by his “moving” power, but then he realises the case is about his lover Kira (Camilla Belle). Three of them winds up in a conflict between the Division and Chinese gang who are also chasing the case.

Director: Paul McGuigan