Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Depiction of Hong Kong:

Depiction of Hong Kong in the movie is clearly stereotypical. While the movie is made in 2011, yet the establishing scene uses the footage of Kai Tak Airport, which has replaced by Chek Lap Kok Airport for more than 13 years. Then, Johnny English and his junior agent Tucker actually arrive in Macau, looking for the informant in Hotel Lisboa (澳門葡京酒店), one of the oldest casino hotels in Macau. Then they immediately go to Kowloon pursuing the key witness, ex-CIA agent Titus Fisher. There is rooftop showdown near Tsim Tsa Tsui, paying homage to Infernal Affairs (2002) and a fighting scene on the boat near the harbour. Vortex Chinese assassins yet fails to escape as Johnny English fires a mini-missile through his latest gadget camera during a boat chase.


As a sequel to comedy action film Johnny English, title character starring Rowan Atkinson, is a special agent of MI7 returns to Britain after his training in Tibet. His assignment is to stop the assassination plot of Chinese Premier when he is going to meet British Prime Minister. One of the intelligence asset is in Hong Kong told Johnny about a bigger plot of assassination will be carried out by a group named Vortex. Despite losing the key evidence during his flight back to London by Vortex stewardess, English is deemed to retaliate one of the biggest plot against British political leadership

Director:  Oliver Parker