My name is Samuel. I’m a UI/UX designer based in Hong Kong with multi-discipline experience. I co-founded a digital agency Playa︎ in 2015, working with clients to deliver web and app solutions. My enthusiasm on photography and videography are shared on social media and freelanced work. I also directed a feature- length documentary when I was in college.

Illustration by Avery Lau | Website by Cargo | Special thanks to Grace Cheng

I’m greatly inspired by cities and stories within.

Bali / Indonesia

Glimpse of Bali

Jerusalem / Israel & Palestine

Holy City Jerusalem

Reykjavik / Iceland

Wander in Reykjavik

Tel Aviv / Israel

Garden City Tel Aviv

Bethlehem / Palestine

The Wall of Bethlehem

New York City / USA

Inspired by New York

Stockholm / Sweden

Heartbeat in Lines

Istanbul / Turkey

Istanbul In Between

Petra / Jordan

Lost City Petra

Sydney/ Australia

Spectacular Sydney

Harpa, Iceland